Finding a crack in the foundation of your house could be among the most troublesome things any homeowner may encounter. When you’ve just discovered cracks in your foundation, you may be curious whether your house has extreme foundation issues that should be addressed right away. Indeed, foundation cracks can frequently take place, which is why it’s vital to determine when they are an issue and when they are not. Below are some of the things you should know regarding such worrisome cracks found in your home foundation

Causes of cracks 

Generally, foundation cracks are caused by the following things: 

  • Compression or upheaval 
  • Foundation settlement, which could be caused by the sinking soil beneath your house because of lack of moisture. Though all homes settle eventually, too much settling isn’t normal and only means that it’s an issue that should be dealt with by the experts as soon as possible. 
  • Hydrostatic pressure can be due to excess accumulation of water around the outer part of your foundation. Cracks that happen because of hydrostatic pressure are more typical in flood-prone areas or zones that experience heavy rainfall.  

When are cracks considered a severe issue? 

Not all cracks found in foundations are problematic. Some other things you need to pay attention to, which means that your cracks could be because of a serious issue with the foundation of your home, include: 

  • Sinking floors on top of a crawl area 
  • Chimneys that lean in one direction 
  • Cracks that reach all the way from the foundation wall’s bottom to the top 
  • Cracks that wrap around a corner 
  • Walls that appear to lean into a basement 
  • Bowed exterior walls 
  • Outer walls that seem to be pulling away from door frames or window 
  • Cracks in concrete or brick foundations that resemble stair steps 

Any prevalent cracks bigger than 1/64 enables termites to invade your house. Because of this, it’s vital to get a termite inspection done, regardless if this crack doesn’t actually mean that you’re experiencing a serious foundation issue. 

Regular inspections 

Foundation issues are a lot simpler to correct once they are exposed early on. Because of this, it’s crucial to inspect the foundation of your home regularly to search for signs of structural issues and foundation cracks. Once you can observe cracks, you need to take note of them and take action right away to keep them from being enlarged sooner or later.  

 It’s highly recommended to keep a journal of information regarding the cracks of your foundation. Jot down where the crack is located, when was it discovered, and any distinct characteristic about the crack. Measure the crack’s width and length and take note of these details in your journal as well. You may also capture how the crack looks, which you can use as a reference point that can aid you to know well whether the foundation crack is actually becoming even bigger. Every time you check the foundation of your house, make sure to reference your journal and take note of any changes. If you think the issue needs to be fixed by an expert, contact the best foundation repair contractors here at