skills needed for jobs in the property market

Selling and managing properties in the UK is a hugely rewarding – and potentially lucrative – career choice. However, employers in the property market are looking for a very specific skill-set that not everyone has. In order to maximise your chances of securing one of your dream property jobs, it’s a good idea to know what employers are looking for before applying for roles in this highly competitive sector.

Working for Estate Agents

Working for an estate agent, you will be assessing and valuing properties, as well as advising your clients throughout the property selling process. This means that you will need an eye for detail and excellent communication skills. You will be responsible for showing potential buyers around properties, and for the various conveyancing issues that are part and parcel of the property market. This means you need to be organised – and have the capability of working on your own. If you are a self-motivator with lots of confidence, there is a chance you will make a perfect estate agent.

A lot of estate agents are more interested in real-world experience, practical skills and a natural aptitude for business than formal qualifications. If you can demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, or you have a proven track record in face-to-face customer service roles, the likelihood is that property companies will be very interested in you.

Among the key skills and qualities that property companies are looking for in their employees include:

  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
  • A natural aptitude for sales and business
  • A natural ability to communicate effectively with people from a range of social, economic and cultural backgrounds
  • A genuine interest in the property market
  • Organised and able to self-manage
  • Proficient in basic computer skills
  • The ability to meet deadlines and perform well under pressure

Property Managers

If you are thinking about a career in property management, London and the South East has hundreds of employment opportunities, but you need to demonstrate a few key qualities if you’re going to succeed in a highly competitive employment sector. As you will be responsible for the condition of several properties, you must have an eye for detail. You should also be able to demonstrate the ability to juggle several different issues without ever dropping the ball.

The role of a property manager often involves negotiations with prospective tenants, so the ability to influence others is always a good attribute to possess. Property managers deal with local government, sitting and prospective tenants, maintenance contractors, landlords and a range of other people in the community. This means that organisational and communication skills are prerequisites to a successful job application. And while an element of empathy is always a good thing when dealing with tenants, the ability to make dispassionate business decisions is a must.

As for educational requirements, property managers often have degrees in business, finance and real estate. However, a natural aptitude, excellent communication skills and the ability to stay organised during times of pressure are equally as important as any formal qualification.

There are hundreds of property jobs available throughout the UK at present, and possessing these key attributes and skills could put you in the driving seat during the recruitment process.

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