The date of an interview is circled on a calendar so you remember the important meeting with your potential new employer

If you read my previous article ‘The ideal candidate, part 2: Preparing for the interview’, much of your preparation should be at hand and you should feel confident that you have enough info to win over the hiring manager. Even though armed with all this information and your readiness for any question, communicating this as effectively as possible is now the next hurdle you face.

Before the interview

First and foremost (this should go without saying) dress to impress. You should be in a smart, clean and pressed full suit, polished shoes, clean shaven (men only of course) and looking confident. A firm hand shake is always a good start. This is where you need to stand out from the crowd. Your CV has enabled this moment but personality, flair and effective communicating is now what is needed.

How to impress on a job interview

As the interview gets under way, there will be times (you will know based on timing, certain questions, breaks in dialogue) when you can show off your effective communication skills. One of the main key points of research I wrote about in my previous blog was getting to know the company and its activity. This is always a great talking point and lets the hiring manager know you have a keen interest in the company (not everyone does this); for example, the company may have launched a new office, ask the interviewer how is this coming along etc.
Another tip is to try and make the process between you both as personal as possible, for example when researching the interviewer (highlighted in previous blog as key research) a piece of information may have popped up such as he/she may have recently been given promotion or been involved in a work/charity event; try and ask about these things. The interviewer will no doubt be impressed and it allows you both to simply, have a chat.

Effective communication

There have been many articles/blogs written about the job interview process. What always comes up (without fail) is how to answer questions effectively and by following a certain pattern this can be achieved. I was taught these patterns many years ago, as I’m sure you have too but it may have slipped your mind. High flying recruiters have written about this. The magic word is STAR.
S – situation
T – task
A – action
R – result
STAR is a way of dissecting any question into 4 parts. It is a recognised communication technique designed to enable you to provide a comprehensive answer to questions asking for examples (which most questions in job interviews will need).


Describe the situation you were put /confronted in, for example a college or a member of staff under your management was dealing with an angry/confrontational customer.


Now, explain the task you had to perform to resolve the situation; what did you brainstorm/think of in order to deal with the problem.


This is the part where you can elaborate. What was it that you actually did to resolve the issue? This is a good time for to showcase your effective communication skills and describe how you came over a difficult situation. What did you do? How did you do it?


What was the final outcome? Describe how you managed to resolve the situation. What did you learn from this and how did you apply what you learnt moving forward.

If you do the above to the best of your ability I am confident you will have a successful job interview.
Remember, it’s all about personality. Let the real you come across!
One big point that I want to add is, if the interviewer asks do you have any questions, ask away. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions about the role/company as you can.
I hope the above helps and if you need any advice please do not hesitate to contact us at Marcus George Recruitment today on 020 7998 1936.

Article written by Matt Miel

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